Monday, November 07, 2005

Quick NFL thoughts

It was nice to see Michael Vick have a good game in the pocket. He can still make plays with his feet, but he is eventually going to have to be an accurate passer for Atlanta to compete for a Super Bowl. He has a great winning percentage, and this blog rates a QB's winning percentage above all other statistics (which is why we would take Brady over Manning without thinking twice), but he is not yet accurate enough to win the Super Bowl. Hopefully this is a step in the right direction, however after 5 years, you would think by this point he either has it or he doesn't.

Brad Johnson filled in well for the injured Daunte Culpepper. He didn't make any mistakes and only threw one questionable ball, which didn't matter because it was a free play. If he can have this type of efficiency, Minnesota might not be done in the NFC North.

Joey Harrington is awful; I won't be surprised if he is out of the league when his contract is up. Look for Detroit to possibly trade one of their receivers and a draft pick to San Diego for Phillip Rivers.

San Diego needs to be better in the fourth quarter to go anywhere in the playoffs. Going back to the game against the Jets in last years playoffs, they have led in the fourth quarter in every game, yet their record is 5-5. Marty needs to grow some kiwis and hammer the ball at people. You wonder if his tentative coaching goes back to Earnest Byner's fumble in the 1987 AFC championship game against the Broncos when he was at Cleveland.

Favre has taken alot of heat for the fumble yesterday, but they never should have been in that position. The two false starts were inexcusable. Penalties and turnovers have been killing GB this year, and some of the blame for that must fall on the coaches. Penalties are a result of a lack of mental toughness and preparation. The only team that the Packers had an edge on in this department was NO. The turnovers are a lack of focus (especially Favre's interception). How many times does one player have to commit a penalty or turnover before the coaches will insert someone else? At least they took out Rashard Lee after his fumble, but many players continue to show a lack of focus during the games, and that is what separates teams when the score is close like it was yesterday.

Eli Manning got his first road win yesterday. Granted, it was against the 49ers, but now he is over that mental hurdle. I've posted before that I think Eli will be a star in this league, and yesterday was another step in his career progression.

Will the Seahawks finally give Shawn Alexander a contract extension? The knock on him is that he doesn't get the tough yards when they need them (I'll have post about that topic another day). I'll buy that argument, however he consistently piles up yards and touchdowns. He's good in the locker room and fits well in Seattle's community. He shouldn't be the highest paid RB, but he definitely should be resigned long term. I think a 7-10 million dollar bonus on a 4-5 year deal is adequate.

For Wisconsin fans, Brooks Bollinger played well in relief yesterday with the Jets. He'll never be a number 1 quarterback, but he is proving to be a solid backup and could have a long career in the league in that capacity.

For those who watch Monday Morning Quarterback on ESPN, do you ever notice how Ditka can't finish a sentence without starting the next one? He is always ending a sentence a word or two short. I like his analyses, but I often find myself not paying attention to what he's saying because I'm so focused on counting how many times he cuts himself off.

Lavar Arrington played well for the Redskins last night. The coaching staff there has to keep him on the field for them to have playoff hopes. If not, I think they'll fall short.


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