Saturday, January 29, 2005

Miscellaneous Thoughts

The complete overhaul of the Green Bay coaching staff will not make much of an can't make chicken soup out of chicken...

Until the Badgers can consistently win on the road, they will be a Sweet 16 team at best.

The loss of Danny Kolb will not hurt the Brewers nearly as much as it might seem. Mike Adams should be ready to take over the closer role. Furthermore, that position is overrated. It is much easier to turn a failed or "diminishing" starter into a good closer than it is to turn a bad closer into a good starter.

Staying with the Brewers, barring injury, they will win over 70 games this year. Expect Sheets to get more run support and their rookies will contribute more than the veterans they had in those positions last year.

The Bucks should trade Michael Redd for a big man. Nene would be a good fit, or someone else in that mold. They should also look to draft big, as their drafts the past few years have been awful. (See-Marcus Haslip, Joel Pryzbilla, Robert Traylor, etc).